Monday, January 19, 2009

self introduction - sui jung


i am sui jung from sabah. now i am the student from utar year 3 sem 1 accouting tutorial group 6 .

i like to play computer mini games. ^^ it is fun. :)
so my top websites that i visited most is these mini games websites. ^^
but now i think the most i will visit is and blogger already.
it is because busy year three already. a lot of assignment and research. ><
besides, i like watch movie too. (then sing k ? )
if compare with sing k, i still more prefer watch movie because dont know how to sing, hehe.. so everytime follow friends go green box to eat only.. keke..

top 5 websites:
1. - check mail
2. - play games (specially pet soceity ^^)
3. - play games
4. - seaching
5. - play games too