Saturday, January 31, 2009

An example of an E-commerce success and its causes

Since 1995, has grown to become one of the leading Internet Recruitment websites in the Asia-Pacific, revolutionizing the way recruitment is done today. offers a comprehensive suite of interactive recruitment services. International and local Asian corporations recruit from's ever-increasing pool of top talent and manage their recruitment process through uniquely developed software applications via the Internet.

Mark Chang founded in 1997 with primary objective to provide Malaysians studying overseas with a platform to find job opportunities back in Malaysia. His earlier days of serious involvement in IT development started 2 years before that with the inception of MOL or Malaysia Online that promotes various applications for the younger generation of Malaysians. Mark sold MOL to Berjaya’s Vincent Tan to pursue his dream building JobStreet, with MOL eventually made name as the first online company in Malaysia listed in the public exchange.

The main idea of is to provide a breakthrough channel and platform to both employers and job seekers, which for so long had been dominated by traditional newspaper advertising and classified. success factors:
1. Jobstreet create a more affordable advertising solutions to the customers, at the same providing a host of other benefits that include easier processing of candidates and faster work turnaround and process.
2. The online job processing features allow the employer to better manage and measure the effectiveness of each job posting. Mark wanted to harness the power of the internet and make it a tool that would completely revolutionize the recruitment process.
3. JobStreet aimed to change that by introducing a seamless process, which is done in the virtual world and does not require any paper. Traditionally, when looking for jobs, job seekers would have to painstakingly skim through the job sections in the newspapers, write and print their resume, mail their application and wait forever for a call or reply, if any.

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